In order to organize an online or offline GOMYAP WORKSHOP, you can reach us via e-mail. You can share your designs on social media with the phrase #gomyap, or send an e-mail to info@gomyap.com .

Once upon a time Plato writes, “Those who do not know geometry cannot enter the door of the Plato Academy” which is regarded as the first university. He believes that geometry is the work of logic, and someone who does not know logic is incapable of having a philosophical debate. Inspired by Plato, GOM would like to share the power of co-designing, creating and understanding mathematics, the language of the universe. Our motto is “Wise up to geometry!”

GOM (Geometric Object Model) is an educational tool and an interdisciplinary workshop for the students between 6-15 and takes 1,5 hours to expand the limits of their creativity. During the workshop, students are seated face-to- face and participate the tasks interactively. They will have the opportunity to develop an interdisciplinary perspective to mathematics, art and design. Due to the flexible and light texture of GOM, they are able to design both structural pieces and crafts. When they learn the basic rules of GOM, at the end of the open-ended workshop they design their own dream model. 

In the period of which technology has captured our lives, games and education system, GOM reinforces concentration skills, cooperation, taking responsibility, patience, self-confidence and non-verbal communication. This newly designed educational tool enables geometry visible as a universal language by producing with peers and developing communication skills. Handcraft that has been one of the oldest ways of expression and creation makes children use their imagination possible by the interdisciplinary approach. Owing to model technique improving handcraft, “hands-on activity” is adopted and internalized. While participants learn how to make decisions, they may improve aesthetic perspectives by their own production.

  • Motor skills
  • Creativity
  • Visual geometry
  • Perception of 3-dimension (3D)
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Artistic expression
  • Sense of design
  • Perception of color & numerical data 
  • Loyalty & patience
  • Concentration
  • Gathering attention
  • Self-confidence

Knowledge is turned into a game at GOMYAP workshop. As playing game contains joy and pleasure in itself, the participants may have it repeatedly. Repetition is followed by expertise so it creates a sense of confidence and achievement. Learning by playing games is entirely aimed at the workshops.

Workshops can be design for special occasions, days and festivals. For different age groups, there are variety of choices for the workshops. To organize a workshop, please contact us to get informed in detail.

  • Science and Art Museum, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Chinese Academy of Arts, Hangzhou, China
  • London Facebook Office
  • Kadıköy Municipality
  • Kartal Municipality
  • Vehbi Koç Foundation Koç High School, Istanbul
  • Turkish Education Association (TED), Istanbul
  • TED Atakent, Istanbul
  • TED Rönesans, Istanbul
  • TED University, Ankara
  • Istanbul Bilgi University
  • Istanbul Esenyurt University
  • FMV Işık University
  • Selçuk University, Konya
  • Sakıp Sabancı Museum, Istanbul
  • Beşiktaş JK Museum, Istanbul
  • Kanyon Mall, Istanbul
  • Bilsem, Kütahya
  • Tohum Autism Foundation, Istanbul
  • Istanbul Boys’ High School Education Foundation
  • BBOM Kindergarten, Istanbul
  • ITU Development Foundation Schools, Istanbul
  • Private Altın College, Ankara
  • Mustafa Kemal Primary School, Sultangazi
  • Ahiler Museum, Mudurnu, Bolu
  • Atelier Çizgi Ballet School, Istanbul
  • Youth and Art Biennial, 2016
  • Akbay Primary School, Çekerek, Yozgat
  • Osman Durmaz Science High School, Yozgat
  • Açı Music and Art School, Istanbul
  • İde Schools, Istanbul
  • Istanbul Uğur Schools

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